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Hard paper A3 / Foolspac / Ledger (ANSI B) 5.90 7.50 4.90
Hard paper A2 / Medium / ANSI D 6.90 8.90 5.90
Hard paper A1 / Imperial / ANSI D 9.50 11.50 7.90
Plastic poster A3 / Foolspac / Ledger (ANSI B) 6.50 7.90 5.50
Plastic poster A2 / Medium / ANSI D 8.50 10.50 6.90
Plastic poster A1 / Imperial / ANSI D 11.50 14.50 9.90

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Android phone or tablet with camera is required to play games on Live Game Board.

If you wish to download and print the board yourself, here you can download PDF for printing. Printed document does not have to be colour. However printing to standard letter size is not going to provide ideal user experience. We do advice to order bigger Live Game Board above. Download Live Game Board for self printing