The first Augmented Reality Gaming Platform - Live Game Board

20th October 2014 - In your room, Worldwide

After months of hard work we are pleased to announce Live Game Board, the first Augmented Reality gaming platform, released to both players and developers.

Live game board comes with 5 games you can enjoy playing in Augmented Reality. All are available for free for Android platform at our game store on our website  Check out this video.

What makes live game board exciting?

“Live Game Board is a platform for games and educational applications. That means you can play many games and apps on one single board. Augmented reality way of playing games makes things look much more real and part of your real world. Gaming is also more social, similar to classic table games with Live Game Board you can play the games together with your friends or family.” Stan Kuhn, Founder.

Although it is possible to download Live Game Board for free for self printing, we recommend to order larger and better quality boards at our web shop Prices are starting from £4.90 and boards are available as hard paper or water resistant plastic banners. There are 3 available sizes, remember size of the board dictates the size of the game in real world. Smaller boards are better for table play, larger to use on a floor in your room.  

Get the games here.

Get the board here


Together with publishing Live Game Board there was published also developer section with tutorials and SDK for Unity3D to help developers to easily add Augmented Reality play mode into their games. All game developers are welcome to get our SDK for free and publish their games for all Live Game Board players. Developer section is available at

Looking forward to see all great ideas visualized in AR on Live Game Board.