Monsters multi-player AR game features Vuforia Smart Terrain

Online multi-player game Monsters got brand new game features powered by Vuforia Smart Terrain technology.

Monsters game is Augmented reality game. It is played on mobile with camera capturing your real world surrounding. If you put live game board on the floor in you room, game appears to be laid down in your room when you play it. Using Smart terrain lets player to put physical objects around game board, for example soft drink cans, cereal boxes, cups or anything you find in your home at similar size or shape. These objects are recognized by the game and are replaced by towers, life wells or portals. Using Smart Terrain feature gives player complete freedom of game scene customization. It makes AR gaming even more awesome.


2014-08-22 15.33.54.png 2014-08-22 15.34.16.png


“With objects recognition we can make every new game we play completely unique, amazing!” Jack, Live Game Board player.


Check this short video showing Monsters game with Vuforia Smart Terrain feature

Monsters multiplayer big iconDownload the Monsters game here

Download the board here



Live Game Board aims to bring totally new experience of playing mobile games directly in your living room.

The board is physical printed poster or canvas acting as a game board. Not only it will give you great quality in playing Augmented reality games, Live Game Board is also a publishing platform for game developers, therefore by supporting them we will bring plenty of games for you to play on one single board.


What makes augmented reality play mode exciting?

“There are great 3D games on mobiles nowadays we all love to play. Imagine you can take the playing experience to next level. Using augmented reality you can play that games directly in your real world. Imagine you can play Angry Birds on the floor in your living room seeing the scene from all angles not only from one side. This is why we put a lot of effort making Live Game Board for you. To make this happen!”  Stan Kuhn, founder.